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It’s only February and 2017 has already been a wild year for marketing professionals! From fake news to ongoing disruptions in how people consume information, the communications landscape remains challenging. Despite the many hurdles, opportunities abound and there are exciting new ways to reach your target audience in an engaging manner. But, what really works and how do you manage it?

Answering these questions were the at the center of a webinar hosted last week by Mike Gray and Andrew Ryan. They explored how media and content consumption have changed over the past 20 years (a lot!) and discussed what the ways in which we now access information. Furthermore, Mike and Andrew offered insights on what these changes, notably our transition to a “One-Click Culture,” means for businesses. A key takeaway was the need for marketing and communications professionals to own their organization’s reputation and devote additional resources to reputation management.

Mike and Andrew also offered specific communications strategies for three sectors in 2017:

  • Senior Living: Steady growth is expected in this sector, but competitive pressure should rise in 2017. Given increased competition and financial strain experienced by potential residents and families, senior living providers must find ways to differentiate themselves. Real life examples will be critical in 2017. Social media will become an even more dominant platform to reach your audience and savvy operators will reinvest in media relations as well.
  • A/E/C: The sector should see positive growth as well, although labor shortages and regulatory uncertainty could hamper projects. Communications strategies that will deliver results in 2017 include client testimonials leveraged across various channels, proactive public relations campaigns that highlight value A/E/C firms bring to clients, and a robust awards program.
  • Real Estate: New norms in the residential and commercial real estate sector mean that builders and developers who don’t adapt could be left behind. Communications strategies that will help deliver more customers in 2017 will focus on locations by using geo-tagging and other mapping features, make media opportunities about customers and team members (not just about deals), and emphasize the use of video to tell your story.

If you missed the presentation, or would like to watch it again, you can access the full webinar on our website. The presentation slides are available as well. We hope that these tips prove helpful and would be happy to discuss these communications challenges and opportunities further. Don’t hesitate to contact us!