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computer2In the world of content marketing, the professional services industry has usually been ahead of the curve. Before this now common marketing practice even had a name, professional service providers tried to distinguish themselves through thought leadership and knowledge since that is the basis of their business. Whereas this particular industry sector has been at the forefront of content marketing, the execution of these pieces has not always been beneficial. Here are some best practices for firms to consider when undertaking a content marketing campaign:

  • Target Your Audience: One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when undertaking a content marketing strategy is trying to push information without consideration to the target audience. Campaigns such as these have no value unless they are tied to a business development objective. You are trying to build your knowledge about a specific topic so that prospective clients think of you. The importance of tailoring your diction and creating a platform which is easy for your target audience to absorb cannot be overstated.
  • Create Value: The value of information is paramount to businesses in today’s climate. Content marketing campaigns have the ability to provide value if they share information that is not common knowledge to its target audience. That means that in-depth research will need to be undertaken in order to create that value. This can be time consuming and require numerous man hours that firms may not want to invest. However, just sharing information that is already common knowledge will not provide the ROI that you are looking for. The information and data that is shared has to be unique.
  • Holistic Approach: A complicated component to content marketing campaigns is the need to leverage the information so that it reaches that target audience. Sometimes that can be easy if the target audience is defined to existing clients or partners. However, usually that target audience is much larger which requires skillful planning on how to get that information to them. Traditional media relations is one effective way to do that as long as the content marketing piece you are sharing is newsworthy. Sometimes it will require direct mail, presentations, or webinars. There are numerous tactics to use to get that information to the right people but this is an important consideration when undertaking a content marketing campaign.

Professional service firms can really benefit from content marketing but it must be done correctly. The more time and thought that goes into any tactic will result in a better ROI.