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Whether you’re new or have lots of experience managing a Facebook business page, you may be looking for ways to promote the page or its content. You can achieve both through News Feed Ads and Boosted Posts. What is the difference and which option is the best for your page?

News Feed Ads

Facebook offers a variety of ad campaign formats such as video, collections, carousel, and offers. The ads are created through Ads Manager and offer many customization options to better suit reaching your goal. Goals can include page increasing likes, website clicks, video views, and event RSVPs. There are also different call to action buttons to choose from depending on your campaign goals.

Once you identify the goal, you can begin selecting right targeting options for your page’s audience. You can target the audience based off location, age, gender, interest, behaviors, and even language. It’s important to not get too specific with targeting as it can significantly limit the size of your audience. Additionally, you can also select the Lookalike Audience targeting that helps you find Facebook users similar to those that have already interacted with your page.

Ads Manager also provides the added benefit of allowing you to choose placements for your ad. The ad will appear on Facebook mobile and the desktop News Feed, but you can also select for it to appear on the Messenger, side of the News Feed, Instagram, instant articles, and Audience Network.

Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts are a type of News Feed ad, but only come in the form of a page post such as a status update, photo, video, or offer. Boosting a post to a targeted audience, similarly to a News Feed Ad, can help you increase visibility or engagement for the post and grow brand awareness. Your audience will see the boosted post on their News Feed, but you may also opt to have the ad placed on Instagram. Unfortunately, the posts are not created through Ads Manager and do not have the capability to be customized.

Both the Newsfeed Ads and Boosted Posts are budget controlled and how much you choose to spend will affect performance of the ad.  When boosting a post or scheduling an ad campaign, you can set a daily or lifetime budget. With a daily budget, you’re really setting an average you’ll allow Facebook to spend for the result you’re trying to achieve. There will be days that provide better result optimization and therefor cost more than your daily budget. This also applies to a lifetime budget which attempts to spend the budget equally across the timeframe set for the ad. Again, this means that some days can yield better results and the daily spend can differ. However, the overall lifetime budget will not go over what you set.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to identify what you would like to achieve from advertising on Facebook and how much you’re willing to spend to achieve it. If you’re looking to direct people to your website and convert them to make a purchase, then a News Feed Ad is the way to go. If you want to make a particularly engaging photo post go viral, then you should boost that post. It can also be helpful to use a mixture of both.