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ComputerProfessional service firms come in all shapes and sizes! Regardless of their services, they provide valuable insights to clients in their specific fields. These insights can be used for marketing and business development, but that can sometimes be easier said than done. Many firms have trouble leveraging their experience for business development. There’s lots of upside, even on social media. Check out some of these tips that professional service firms should implement in their social media strategies to promote their work and drive new business:

  • Showcase Expertise:
    The majority of professional service firms spend countless hours and resources conducting research that will benefit their clients in some way. Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge at your fingertips and share your findings on social media. This can be done in the form of simple graphics, infographics, videos, slideshows, and more. Talkwalker notes that on Facebook, professional service firms are most successful when posting about surveys, workplace initiatives and industry awards.
  • Repurpose Content: To go along with showcasing your expertise, it’s good practice to repurpose your content. Share your findings and insights by converting them into easily shareable materials on social media. Consulting mogul KPMG’s Facebook is filled with repurposed content, which they have converted into vibrant graphics. Repurposing content is beneficial for both large and small firms alike.
  • Humanize Your Business: Create a brand on social media that is authentic, memorable, credible, and trustworthy. Make sure that your social media messaging doesn’t sound robotic. Yet, at the same time, use professional tone so that others will take your business seriously. It’s also perfectly okay to provide entertaining content to your audience too! Show brand personality with Facebook Live or Instagram Takeovers. Humanizing your brand will attract more social media followers.
  • Be Aware of Professional Standards & Regulations: Regardless of which industry you’re in, take the time to review any professional standards and regulations before posting content to social media. Make sure that all social media messages aren’t breaking any rules!

It’s also important to note that blog posts are another excellent way to establish yourself as an expert and trustworthy source. A successful blog can dramatically increase followers on social media as well as traffic to your website. In fact, B2B companies, like professional service firms, with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms. Stay tuned for our post next month all about the benefits of having a blog as a professional service firm!