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You may have noticed over the past few months that many individuals have been talking about Vero, which is a new social media platform that has seen a big jump in popularity recently. From 150,000 downloads to more than 3 million users in a week, Vero is the most downloaded social app this month, which has tons of people talking. Is Vero the latest social media platform to rise to prominence?

Vero’s business model and core values have positioned itself as a different kind of social network: one that is focused on the “real life” habits of a person rather than impressing others with what they call “unrealistic personas” online. Ayman Hariri, co-founder of Vero, has stated that he believes that other social media platforms can sometimes limit how realistic people’s interactions are. “Our intention is really to create an online social network that mimics the greatest social network that exists, which is the one that exists between people,” said Hariri in an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine. As a result, Vero is focused on not limiting how users interact with their followers and has implemented some differentiators to make interactions within the app more “genuine.” Here are a couple features within Vero that are important to note:

  • Vero is Ad-Free & Uses Zero Algorithms: There are no ads on Vero and as of right now, the service is free to all users. However, Vero plans to eventually depend on annual paid subscriptions. In addition, Vero sorts posts in a chronological feed, not algorithmically.
  • Vero Filters Content By Friend Type: Just like in real life, people have different types of friends. Vero takes this into account by allowing users to pick their audience for each post. “When you can control who sees what, you can behave in a way that is more natural, which we believe ends up being better for you,” said Hariri on Vero’s website. When a new connection is made in the app, you can sort that person as a close friend, friend, acquaintance, or follower, and can control what each person sees or doesn’t see. The purpose of filtering content by friend type is so that users can share different things with different people.
  • Vero Filters Content by Category: You can also choose which categories of your friends’ posts you want to see. For instance, it’s possible t
  • o follow someone only for their music recommendations. In addition to posting pictures, the app goes a step further by allowing users to share text, URLs, and even recommendations for books, movies, and TV shows.

Another neat feature within Vero is that you can see how much time you’re spending in the app so you can manage your screen time.

Learn more about Vero by checking out this video on their website. It will be interesting to see if Vero will be the latest and greatest social media platform of 2018 or if the app will fizzle before the year ends. We’re closely following developments on social media, including Vero, although we have some doubts about the platform’s ability to transition to a subscription-based model and retain a broad-based appeal.

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