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social-mediaWith 2016 coming to a close, the major social media platforms are looking ahead and implementing various changes to make the user experience even better for next year. Thus, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have rolled out some new features that will make it more convenient for you to stay on each platform longer. Check out these new social media changes that were announced this past month:


  • Facebook Workplace: Separate from your personal account, Facebook Workplace is a Facebook profile that is specifically for work. After creating a business profile, you can connect with coworkers through Messenger, post on others’ walls, see what’s trending in your field, and more. Take advantage of Facebook Live to watch presentations in real-time and Groups to speak directly to a group of coworkers. Facebook Workplace is great for large organizations that have more than one office.
  • Live Stream Scheduling: You can now schedule Facebook Live videos up to one week in advance. Once a scheduled post is created, an announcement for the upcoming Facebook Live video will appear on the publisher’s News Feed. Scheduling the videos is going to be a more convenient way to still implement real-time videos into your marketing strategy.


  • Longer Tweets: Photos, GIFS, polls, videos, and quoted tweets no longer count toward the 140-character limit in tweets! This means that you can now share a longer message through Twitter.
  • Goodbye to Vine: Twitter’s video platform, Vine, is being discontinued as of January 1, 2017. However, viewers can still watch videos that have already been published to Vine. Snapchat and Facebook Live have taken over and Twitter has decided that it can’t keep up with the video competition online.


  • In-App Shopping: Just in time for the holidays, Instagram now allows users to purchase products directly through the social network. Just how you would tag a person in a picture, you can now tag products to images. Users will no longer be required to open a separate browser to complete a purchase.

Similar to social media trends in 2015, this year has also been about making social media convenient for users. By creating apps, click-throughs, and other changes, users can now do more in the actual platforms. Users are staying on social media longer and are using the platforms for more than just creating statuses and uploading pictures. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!